Import Transaction Flow

Simplified by Blue Strata
  • Order Product
  • Forex & Supplier Payments
  • Transport
    to Port
  • Shipment
  • Cargo
  • Delivery
  • Local
  • Cost
Payment to Blue Strata

You have to manage the administration and complexities of the entire import process and your working capital is tied up in your imports.
With Blue Strata as your one point of contact we release the administration and complexities associated with importing and provide you with payment terms that closely match your cash flow cycle allowing you to pay for your goods only after you have received them.

Benefits of working with Blue Strata

Release of working capital

Blue Strata replaces the working capital that you have tied-up in your import transaction so that you can better deploy your cash elsewhere for greater return or in growing your business.

One point of contact

A dedicated account manager oversees the entire operation of your import transactions, keeping you updated on your orders in production, in transit and on delivery.

Added efficiency and potential cost savings

Blue Strata removes the administration and complexities associated with managing logistics, forex purchases, supplier payments and reconciling your cost of sales, providing you with accurate information on which to make the decisions key to managing your import and allowing for the free-up of valuable resources’ time.

Blue Strata leverages its economies of scale to ensure competitive rates and service. These benefits are passed to you on a transparent basis.

No below the line costs

Blue Strata eliminates the need to use standards or averages in determining the cost and sale-price of goods. By providing you with the actual cost of goods for entry into your stock system on delivery, unaccounted for amounts and cumbersome reconciliations are avoided.

Online interactive reporting

Blue Strata provides you with an online portal for a customised view of your orders, shipments, forex and payments on one login.